I have 20 years of experience of working in various roles within the fashion and retail industry.
My career started in design and art direction, quickly evolving into photo art direction and
creative direction and management for various large retail brands such as Target, Marshall Field’s, ULTA,Walmart.com and Pottery Barn. Over the years it has become my passion to dedicate myself
to creating the most beautiful, compelling and brand appropriate imagery and design to
support marketing initiatives within various vehicles like web, print advertising, in-store
graphics, catalog and television.

In addition to these years of immersion into the fashion industry I have discovered a love
of further expressing my artistic vision through styling, (both on-figure and off-figure), in
combination with my creative and photo art direction. Much of the imagery you’ll see in my
book reflects the duality of these disciplines in my work.

I hope that you will enjoy viewing these images, almost as much as I enjoyed being a part
of creating them.